If you choose "as soon as possible" your order will be ready tomorrow, excluding Sunday-Tuesday. Should you require any other day then please select this at the checkout. Please note orders placed after 8.30pm on FRIDAY will be ready on WEDNESDAY.  We also have an essential shop in the pub. You can just walk in (one by one) and grab what you need. (Wed-Sat 11am-8.30pm, Sun 11am-6pm, Monday-Tuesday closed).  IF YOU ARE SELF-ISOLATING and find yourself short of an essential on a day we don't normally deliver please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will always do our best to accommodate you.


Good morning everyone, we hope you had a good Easter Weekend, given the current circumstances. You may remember us as a pub or you may have used us more recently in our newest roll, online groceries and takeaway. We like to think of it as a FO-OP...

We are currently delivering in: Rudgwick (For free with a minimum spend of £20), Cranleigh, Billingshurst, Broadbridge Heath, Loxwood & Dunsfold and surrounding areas, unfortunately, with a charge of £5. We would like to say a special thank you to CRANLEIGH as they order so much that we go there every day since day 1.

We are also still offering our Sunday menu Take away. You can buy single plates or platters to share our roast. You can see it all at www.foxinn.co.uk - “ORDER ONLINE”.

For those who need an excuse to get out we offer a collection service. You just knock on our door and we will bring your order out. While you wait you can enjoy the sunshine in our garden. Almost every day we have new stuff in stock just keep an eye on our website: www.foxinn.co.uk.

We have finished our Sourdough Indian Pale Ale, we are just waiting for labels to be printed so we can go. It will be available in cans very soon.

We can can anything to order from our tap and currently have Thatchers GOLD on. You can just pop in and we can can it at the time. Now we are also supplying minipins call us to enquire.

On the subject of minipins…. Which are great for that family party in the garden - BBQ etc. We offer BBQ meat packs or Meat packs as well. We are working on ideas of how to make these even better,

We know it's hard to host the party. You prepare everything, while everyone else is outside, and after you wash it all up. It’s more work than relaxation. Yes maybe for some its great looking after the BBQ and drinking beer…. Leave the work to us we are extending this BBQ pack to include: vegetables, cheese and drinks, cocktails all ready to go + Oak and charcoal or gas, disposable plates and cutlery. What do you think?

We bought a whole cow about a month ago. The carcass is now over 30 days aged. It's a Hereford grass fed cow with very nice deep flavour. This is something very hard to hold of and it WILL be part of our meat packs, or you can just buy individual pieces. We processed most of that cow into burgers which are commercially sterilized. This means that you can cook them pink. (NB, they MUST be treated as cooked and ready to eat when you get them should you wish to do this). Again these burgers have a massive deep flavour. Steaks are coming today and will be available to buy from tomorrow (friday 15th April).

We still bake our home-made bread, two kinds at the moment and we always bake a little bit extra so you can call us on the day for these. We use Gilchesters Organic flour, which you can also buy in our online shop, along with fresh yeast. It has a good shelf life and you use double the weight of dry. We also have good supply of local eggs from Nelly's farm.

We stock some amazing wines from Hennings in Pulborough. We have good pouring wines like Australian Shiraz, French Merlot, Spanish Rioja, Italian Pinot Grigio and Chilean or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for reasonable price. We also still have our favourite top end wines which we just love and used to serve when we were a pub.

Soft drinks we still offer the same range as when we were a pub 250ml-330ml glass bottles but we are now adding bigger bottles of Coke, Tonics, Soda Water, Fanta etc.

And now vegetables.


We didn’t think we would sell as many vegetables when we started. The prices they gave us were horrible and we are still fighting with this. We found another supplier who is giving us slightly better prices in bulk.

Now, please can we ask you for your help so we can buy in even bigger volume?

We started to call ourselves FO-OP as a joke but it would be amazing to continue after this and still provide you (even when Covid finishes) with an online delivery service of groceries in Rudgwick and the surrounding areas. We want to focus on quality like the steaks, and other local produce.

To do this, and to lower prices, we need to be even busier especially now that we actually have some systems in place and can buy in bigger volumes.

Another benefit of this would be a higher stock in house so after 2pm you could just come down and pick up what you need?

We would also like to remind you about our REQUESTED ITEMS button. If you need anything, write it there and we will do our best to get it for you within three days (depending on the request).

Also for those who can’t leave their houses we can pick up your post when we deliver or supply newspapers.

Thank you Rudgwick and surrounding areas, thank you for your support.