If you choose "as soon as possible" your order will be ready tomorrow, excluding Sunday-Tuesday. Should you require any other day then please select this at the checkout. Please note orders placed after 8.30pm on FRIDAY will be ready on WEDNESDAY.  We also have an essential shop in the pub. You can just walk in (one by one) and grab what you need. (Wed-Sat 11am-8.30pm, Sun 11am-6pm, Monday-Tuesday closed).  IF YOU ARE SELF-ISOLATING and find yourself short of an essential on a day we don't normally deliver please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will always do our best to accommodate you.


Shoot... Late again,

We promised We will do some updates every day at 11-12pm (just 12hours late) about what is at the shop and we didn't. Lots of things went wrong.... All the suppliers were late. One of them nearly didn't turn up at all. I mean, our normal delivery is friday, so why would I expect them on Thursday? Fortunately for me they came through and delivered in the end. Isn't it amazing? How good service they provide for us. So we are pretty stocked up now for the weekend with lots of new products.
We are currently expanding our online meat department. It's getting rather large if we might say so ourselves...
Anyway, moving on.
And also we are going to have, hopefully, a new cleaning department online, which, I promised yesterday so.. lets watch this space.... very soon.... that means tonight... .... ..... ..........
Also, sandwiches, fantastic. Great, triple as busy as yesterday. You really like sandwiches? With chips? Crisps? Coffee? Beer?
Because so many more people came today I will make the best sandwiches in the world tomorrow, or atleast a tribute, and they will be!
Chicken Mayo with extra mayo - @SweetlandsFarm I promised I am not lying (Migraine is gone, I am back on track).Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Egg & Mustard Mayo.Grilled Halloumi, Smashed Avocado, Sour Cream Mayo, Cucumber & Tomato relish.Classic BLT.
Anyway, have you had a good day?
I know lockdown is a nightmare. If you need to find an excuse to get out, no problem, come here. It almost feels like when the pub was open..... Just one customer at a time! Our regular customers still come, pub or shop......
We would like to say thank you especially to: Daren B, Dick, Kate R, Rob R, Petra S, A&D, Geoffrey L, Barg Family, Emma D, Alexandra C & family (our first Fo-op customer) & Jacky T.
Also we would like to say thank you to new customers who we haven't met before. But they are here, every week now, and they are amazing. Amber P, Andrea D, Vanessa A, Jane K, Neil L, Lady who orders fish & chips at 7pm every Friday, Lady who orders every Saturday between 6.30-7pm, all of Cape Copse, Woodfield Road, Orchard Hill & Foxholes.
If we missed you out, sorry, come down and tell us!
Thank you.
Thank you for all your support.
Good night - enough emotions....--