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Good evening Rudgwick.

When we started this, a lifetime ago, we were using our original vegetable supplier. The idea was to help them move their stock and also to help you guys to get some food delivered as the situation was horrific in the supermarkets. After this when the first wave started to stop and you could get some stuff we could stop but we didn't want as we already put some systems in place (we started something) so we didn't want to stop, we couldn't stop.

The vegetable prices were too high and the quality was all over the shop so we started to search for more vegetable suppliers. How did it all work? Where can we get better quality? Better Prices? So we tried a new supplier. They were delivering from the London markets. Some days were good, some days were weird. Prices up, Prices down. We spent hours on the phone trying to set up better delivery slots, earlier in the morning - then again trying to get consistency in the quality etc.

Anyway, that just wasn't possible.

So we said enough, we will do it ourselves. And yes it is great. We go to a different market now, in Brighton. The quiet drive there, no cars on the road, slowly wakes you up, and then you see it ALLLLL. The buzz of the market makes you happy. Everyone is so nice and helpful, but busy. It really wakes you up, that energy there, and makes your day. The best thing about all of this is you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. Also you can see what is in season. Admittedly we love all the different exotic types of fruit, so we just buy everything!
After all this, full of energy, we go even more into the heart of Brighton for fish. You see the ocean, see the empty sunny beach, then we get the fish. (When we started this shop takeaway thing, they used to deliver to us but then they said NO, sorry, not anymore. It is only you in this area now so maybe once a week? So Andy and Oliver had to go there every other day....) .... that wasn't really ok our little Oliver wasn't too happy about it after a while...

So this was our week. VEGETABLE FRUIT VEGETABLE FRUIT. How much to buy - oh strawberries we need strawberries strawberries strawberries....

On the way back we stop in Pulborough to pick up some wine and it is nearly done.

Also, while we are talking about our suppliers, we are slowly starting to use milk available from a local farm. It is on the way to Dorking. It is lovely, and you can taste the difference. And Eggs, eggs are from Plaistow, from Nelly's Farm. Lovely people. They also do their own pies and sausage rolls.

The last thing we NEED to mention is our cow from Surrey Hills. Sorry, now all this week's steaks are gone. We will have more next week. More premium cuts. Chateaubriand is already gone, pre ordered so we still have Fillet, Sirloin, Rib & Rump. However, if you like the flavour of this cow (which is more aged) then you will also like our burgers then as they are done from this cow. We process our burgers so that you can cook them pink, if you wish.

Also, just a reminder for tomorrow: TOMORROW is SUNDAY, yes we worked that out all by ourselves. Sunday means Yorkshire WRAPS. With gravy & chips. You can pre-order via phone before 12. After 12 please do not call just turn up please. Pre-orders after 12 can't be guaranteed but we can guarantee for now that we have plenty of everything so not too much panic about pre-ordering as we are ready this time, no broke rational oven this week.

Oh, that reminds me, please give us feedback about our chips tomorrow. One difficult thing right now is getting the right potatoes for chips. You'd think with all the restaurants closed right now it would be easy hey?! No. We have two types currently, we are testing, but we are not sure about them as one is too sweet, and the other, just weird.... I don't know anymore, please give us constructive feedback anytime on info@foxinn.co.uk.

Last thing, promise: WE have some plans for next week.
Plan number one is to get our somewhat infamous cinema program sorted, as when they open the pub gardens we will start to do our CINEMA NIGHTS again. Requests for movies can be taken now.Plan number two is PICNIC BOXES: What would you like in your picnic BOX?

Good night, See you tomorrow.