If you choose "as soon as possible" your order will be ready tomorrow, excluding Sunday-Tuesday. Should you require any other day then please select this at the checkout. Please note orders placed after 8.30pm on FRIDAY will be ready on WEDNESDAY.  We also have an essential shop in the pub. You can just walk in (one by one) and grab what you need. (Wed-Sat 11am-8.30pm, Sun 11am-6pm, Monday-Tuesday closed).  IF YOU ARE SELF-ISOLATING and find yourself short of an essential on a day we don't normally deliver please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will always do our best to accommodate you.



Good evening Rudgwick.

When we started this, a lifetime ago, we were using our original vegetable supplier. The idea was to help them move their stock and also to help you guys to get some food delivered as the situation was horrific in the supermarkets. After this when the first wave started to stop and you could get some stuff we could stop but we didn't want as we already put some systems in place (we started something) so we didn't want to stop, we couldn't stop.

The vegetable prices were too high and the quality was all over the shop so we started to search for more vegetable suppliers. How did it all work? Where can we get better quality? Better Prices? So we tried a new supplier. They were delivering from the London markets. Some days were good, some days were weird. Prices up, Prices down. We spent hours on the phone trying to set up better delivery slots, earlier in the morning - then again trying to get consistency in the quality etc.

Anyway, that just wasn't possible.

So we said enough, we will do it ourselves. And yes it is great. We go to a different market now, in Brighton. The quiet drive there, no cars on the road, slowly wakes you up, and then you see it ALLLLL. The buzz of the market makes you happy. Everyone is so nice and helpful, but busy. It really wakes you up, that energy there, and makes your day. The best thing about all of this is you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. Also you can see what is in season. Admittedly we love all the different exotic types of fruit, so we just buy everything!
After all this, full of energy, we go even more into the heart of Brighton for fish. You see the ocean, see the empty sunny beach, then we get the fish. (When we started this shop takeaway thing, they used to deliver to us but then they said NO, sorry, not anymore. It is only you in this area now so maybe once a week? So Andy and Oliver had to go there every other day....) .... that wasn't really ok our little Oliver wasn't too happy about it after a while...

So this was our week. VEGETABLE FRUIT VEGETABLE FRUIT. How much to buy - oh strawberries we need strawberries strawberries strawberries....

On the way back we stop in Pulborough to pick up some wine and it is nearly done.

Also, while we are talking about our suppliers, we are slowly starting to use milk available from a local farm. It is on the way to Dorking. It is lovely, and you can taste the difference. And Eggs, eggs are from Plaistow, from Nelly's Farm. Lovely people. They also do their own pies and sausage rolls.

The last thing we NEED to mention is our cow from Surrey Hills. Sorry, now all this week's steaks are gone. We will have more next week. More premium cuts. Chateaubriand is already gone, pre ordered so we still have Fillet, Sirloin, Rib & Rump. However, if you like the flavour of this cow (which is more aged) then you will also like our burgers then as they are done from this cow. We process our burgers so that you can cook them pink, if you wish.

Also, just a reminder for tomorrow: TOMORROW is SUNDAY, yes we worked that out all by ourselves. Sunday means Yorkshire WRAPS. With gravy & chips. You can pre-order via phone before 12. After 12 please do not call just turn up please. Pre-orders after 12 can't be guaranteed but we can guarantee for now that we have plenty of everything so not too much panic about pre-ordering as we are ready this time, no broke rational oven this week.

Oh, that reminds me, please give us feedback about our chips tomorrow. One difficult thing right now is getting the right potatoes for chips. You'd think with all the restaurants closed right now it would be easy hey?! No. We have two types currently, we are testing, but we are not sure about them as one is too sweet, and the other, just weird.... I don't know anymore, please give us constructive feedback anytime on info@foxinn.co.uk.

Last thing, promise: WE have some plans for next week.
Plan number one is to get our somewhat infamous cinema program sorted, as when they open the pub gardens we will start to do our CINEMA NIGHTS again. Requests for movies can be taken now.Plan number two is PICNIC BOXES: What would you like in your picnic BOX?

Good night, See you tomorrow.


Hello today we brought the BRIGHTON market to RUDGWICK. Lots of new variety of fruit: figs, melons, kiwi, pomegranate, red currents, plus, apricots, pineapples, grapes, rhubarb. Also we have lots of delicious strawberries. We also have corn on cobs in there husk, baby corns, abregines, asparagus, radishes, pak Choi, fresh ginger, fine beans, cress vine, cherry tomatoes, wild rocket, fresh chilli etc. We are open from 9am everyday. Who is coming today?


Hello Everyone.

A little update from us today.

So we are now fully operational with this Sandwich Lunch thing. It is great that so many of you have been coming, we didn't expect so much interest, thank you so much. For those who don't know yet, just come in, order in our shop and then wait outside - we will bring it out. Cold sandwiches are quicker, hot ones can take a bit longer. Our decision is still not to pre-make them, as we want to make them as fresh as possible. This is what we care about the most.

So today we were working on the best sandwich in the world... again. Great for vegetarians, but so good that even the biggest meat eater will love it! There is avocado, crispy chilli & sour cream mayo as well. It is in our homemade long fermented bread which is freshly baked every day in the morning. It is perfectly balanced!

We also just got another of our favourite, WHOLE HEREFORD GRASS FED COW FROM SURREY HILLS. It was a happy cow as you can see on the colour of the meat. - see picture.Currently we have some cheaper steaks: We have RUMP STEAK, FLANK STEAK & SKIRT STEAK. Flank & Skirt are cheaper but the flavor is definitely great, definitely more than tenderness. We would recommend cooking it more rare then medium.

We are just aging the premium cuts a little bit longer so they will be coming soon. You can pre-order them in advance just email us on info@foxinn.co.uk this time as last time they were gone too quickly. Think Whole Rib, Sirloin, Fillet, Chateaubriand etc.

We also put our water bath back on so we are going to do our usual Beef Brisket (The same as we used on Sunday Roast when you were allowed to come to our pub.) which we will serve in our SANDWICHES (Once it's done) and also in our SUNDAY YORKSHIRE WRAPS too. It's lovely and tender, perfect for sandwiches.

Our Sunday Wraps went really well, well, not so well for those who waited. We made 80 yorkshire wraps, thinking that that would be plenty. NO. Big mistake they were all gone by 1.45pm. We would like to apologise to those who had to wait because we just couldn't make it quicker sorry.
So this SUNDAY we will make 160 yorkshires and we Will be ready FOR YOU. It's just hard to guess, sorry. You can always pre-order before 12pm so it will give us a better guess how busy it will be. Thank you for that. Please do not call after 12 just turn up as that when it all starts and we just do not have time to answer the phone calls.

So reminder we will have this Sunday:Beef Brisket Wrap with mustard mayo (or horseradish if you wish). Slow cooked Pork with our home made apple sauce. Roast Chicken Breast with cranberry sauce. Cauliflower Cheese in Wrap as veggie option.
All come with our home made gravy and home made chips. If you'd rather Roasties just ask, sorry for being so northern, but there is just something amazing about CHIPS and GRAVY. Mummmm.

Anyway thank you for your support.

Hopefully the gardens will be open soon so you can eat it here (Not yet) - we are just in the process of making our garden beautiful again.... and getting ready for you. So that means, sorry, you can't eat it on our premises yet but you can go to the recreational ground just two minutes walk away from us and have a picnic there.... Or maybe we can deliver it there? Just wait by Rudgwick Village hall RH12 3JN. You could place your order online and just put this address there - NO PROBLEM. What do you think? Good idea?

Thanks for sharing this as we need more people to know.
AND THANKS guys for your support.


Shoot... Late again,

We promised We will do some updates every day at 11-12pm (just 12hours late) about what is at the shop and we didn't. Lots of things went wrong.... All the suppliers were late. One of them nearly didn't turn up at all. I mean, our normal delivery is friday, so why would I expect them on Thursday? Fortunately for me they came through and delivered in the end. Isn't it amazing? How good service they provide for us. So we are pretty stocked up now for the weekend with lots of new products.
We are currently expanding our online meat department. It's getting rather large if we might say so ourselves...
Anyway, moving on.
And also we are going to have, hopefully, a new cleaning department online, which, I promised yesterday so.. lets watch this space.... very soon.... that means tonight... .... ..... ..........
Also, sandwiches, fantastic. Great, triple as busy as yesterday. You really like sandwiches? With chips? Crisps? Coffee? Beer?
Because so many more people came today I will make the best sandwiches in the world tomorrow, or atleast a tribute, and they will be!
Chicken Mayo with extra mayo - @SweetlandsFarm I promised I am not lying (Migraine is gone, I am back on track).Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Egg & Mustard Mayo.Grilled Halloumi, Smashed Avocado, Sour Cream Mayo, Cucumber & Tomato relish.Classic BLT.
Anyway, have you had a good day?
I know lockdown is a nightmare. If you need to find an excuse to get out, no problem, come here. It almost feels like when the pub was open..... Just one customer at a time! Our regular customers still come, pub or shop......
We would like to say thank you especially to: Daren B, Dick, Kate R, Rob R, Petra S, A&D, Geoffrey L, Barg Family, Emma D, Alexandra C & family (our first Fo-op customer) & Jacky T.
Also we would like to say thank you to new customers who we haven't met before. But they are here, every week now, and they are amazing. Amber P, Andrea D, Vanessa A, Jane K, Neil L, Lady who orders fish & chips at 7pm every Friday, Lady who orders every Saturday between 6.30-7pm, all of Cape Copse, Woodfield Road, Orchard Hill & Foxholes.
If we missed you out, sorry, come down and tell us!
Thank you.
Thank you for all your support.
Good night - enough emotions....--


Good evening Rudgwick.

Every time we post we always say that NOW we are set up.... And then we have more ideas.... So we redo our whole system again... Then everything is in the mess again and again and again.
BUT, finally, we would like to announce that we are a little bit more set up... finally... Well, we think we are...
So we can now stop our extended SOFT opening of the shop and start the proper one. We are going to open from 9am - 8pm.
We've re-done our whole online shop in order to look a little more professional .... hahaha.

And because we couldn't bake enough bread Tristan finally got to buy a bread oven. So... Now, he must bake more.
Daily we bake sausage rolls, a white tin loaf, our beer sourdough and of course Pastel de Nata.
We are adding sandwiches to our walk in shop. You'll be able to have them with chips or crisps. Just come down and grab them. Easy no pre-orders no phone calls. hooo hooo hoo. (Please note as much as we hate to say this, obviously, this will be take-away only. Please don't eat these in our garden. Sorry.)
Please help us to make you happy and tell us what's your favourite sandwich?
Thank you.


Good afternoon.

We've spent the last week working on a new online shop for our groceries.

It should help us to have better stock control and make your ordering more easy and enjoyable. We are still firmly in "Beta" so please bear with us!

In other (good) news, prices of vegetable and fruit are coming down Woohoo! So please check it out. www.foxinn.co.uk - "GROCERIES" We're getting daily fresh deliveries of vegetables straight from Market and we've had alot of feedback that the quality is better then in supermarkets so why not to try us?

Thank you very much for your support so far, you have been amazing, and we want to return it now that we can.


"Fo-op" is open! We have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, Fox Inn freshly baked bread and custard tarts, Nelly's free range eggs, lots of flour, yeast, beer, wine...and lots of loo roll!

We will be open for our walk in shop Tuesdays- Saturdays from 1pm.

To maintain social distancing we only allow 1 or 2 people in the shop at a time. We provide gloves and sanitiser for you to use. Please do not touch or pick up any products you do not wish to purchase.

*Please note: we are still carrying out our delivery and collections services as normal.


Good morning everyone, we hope you had a good Easter Weekend, given the current circumstances. You may remember us as a pub or you may have used us more recently in our newest roll, online groceries and takeaway. We like to think of it as a FO-OP...

We are currently delivering in: Rudgwick (For free with a minimum spend of £20), Cranleigh, Billingshurst, Broadbridge Heath, Loxwood & Dunsfold and surrounding areas, unfortunately, with a charge of £5. We would like to say a special thank you to CRANLEIGH as they order so much that we go there every day since day 1.

We are also still offering our Sunday menu Take away. You can buy single plates or platters to share our roast. You can see it all at www.foxinn.co.uk - “ORDER ONLINE”.

For those who need an excuse to get out we offer a collection service. You just knock on our door and we will bring your order out. While you wait you can enjoy the sunshine in our garden. Almost every day we have new stuff in stock just keep an eye on our website: www.foxinn.co.uk.

We have finished our Sourdough Indian Pale Ale, we are just waiting for labels to be printed so we can go. It will be available in cans very soon.

We can can anything to order from our tap and currently have Thatchers GOLD on. You can just pop in and we can can it at the time. Now we are also supplying minipins call us to enquire.

On the subject of minipins…. Which are great for that family party in the garden - BBQ etc. We offer BBQ meat packs or Meat packs as well. We are working on ideas of how to make these even better,

We know it's hard to host the party. You prepare everything, while everyone else is outside, and after you wash it all up. It’s more work than relaxation. Yes maybe for some its great looking after the BBQ and drinking beer…. Leave the work to us we are extending this BBQ pack to include: vegetables, cheese and drinks, cocktails all ready to go + Oak and charcoal or gas, disposable plates and cutlery. What do you think?

We bought a whole cow about a month ago. The carcass is now over 30 days aged. It's a Hereford grass fed cow with very nice deep flavour. This is something very hard to hold of and it WILL be part of our meat packs, or you can just buy individual pieces. We processed most of that cow into burgers which are commercially sterilized. This means that you can cook them pink. (NB, they MUST be treated as cooked and ready to eat when you get them should you wish to do this). Again these burgers have a massive deep flavour. Steaks are coming today and will be available to buy from tomorrow (friday 15th April).

We still bake our home-made bread, two kinds at the moment and we always bake a little bit extra so you can call us on the day for these. We use Gilchesters Organic flour, which you can also buy in our online shop, along with fresh yeast. It has a good shelf life and you use double the weight of dry. We also have good supply of local eggs from Nelly's farm.

We stock some amazing wines from Hennings in Pulborough. We have good pouring wines like Australian Shiraz, French Merlot, Spanish Rioja, Italian Pinot Grigio and Chilean or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for reasonable price. We also still have our favourite top end wines which we just love and used to serve when we were a pub.

Soft drinks we still offer the same range as when we were a pub 250ml-330ml glass bottles but we are now adding bigger bottles of Coke, Tonics, Soda Water, Fanta etc.

And now vegetables.


We didn’t think we would sell as many vegetables when we started. The prices they gave us were horrible and we are still fighting with this. We found another supplier who is giving us slightly better prices in bulk.

Now, please can we ask you for your help so we can buy in even bigger volume?

We started to call ourselves FO-OP as a joke but it would be amazing to continue after this and still provide you (even when Covid finishes) with an online delivery service of groceries in Rudgwick and the surrounding areas. We want to focus on quality like the steaks, and other local produce.

To do this, and to lower prices, we need to be even busier especially now that we actually have some systems in place and can buy in bigger volumes.

Another benefit of this would be a higher stock in house so after 2pm you could just come down and pick up what you need?

We would also like to remind you about our REQUESTED ITEMS button. If you need anything, write it there and we will do our best to get it for you within three days (depending on the request).

Also for those who can’t leave their houses we can pick up your post when we deliver or supply newspapers.

Thank you Rudgwick and surrounding areas, thank you for your support.


Good afternoon Rudgwick.
Thank you all for your fantastic support.
It makes us happy to do something worthwhile.
The cabbage cauliflower and broccoli situation is becoming pretty dire, there isn't much, and prices seem to be going up day by day. Some days we receive huge heads of broccoli, the next small.
Our range is bigger and bigger every day, if there is something you can't find just put it through as a REQUESTED ITEM and we will do our best to get it for you.
We've also started to do Vegetable boxes, Salad Boxes and Fruit boxes. We are now working on an Easter Breakfast Box which will be for sale soon....
Our range of beer and wine is expanding as fast as possible.
We had some bottles of hand sanitizer from Silent Pool - all gone in one day but we managed to talk to another distillery called Greensand Ridge and they have sent us their one. It's a much bigger bottle (500 mll) - refill bottle.
We are baking fresh bread every day. Currently a yeasted long ferment bread. - Pre order for next day.
We are also starting to offer a SUNDAY ROAST delivery/collection, but please, preorder by friday. We offer big platters to share, you can just pop it in oven to reheat it. We can deliver to you hot or cold.
Next week we plan to update our takeaway menu - it's getting a little bit boring. We also plan to offer cheaper meals like pies etc.
Thank you Rudgwick we are glad to live in this village.
The Fox inn TEAM


Firstly thank you all for your overwhelming support in this difficult period.

We just wanted to send you a short update of our current status.

We currently still have good access to all suppliers.

Stocks of pasta and tinned food are hard to get hold of currently but we still have some.

Market prices are currently extremely volatile and so unfortunately our prices may change at short notice. For this we apologize and promise that any changes in yours will directly reflect changes in ours.

Pongo will be price checking for us as often as possible.

On that note we would encourage you not to order more than needed if possible as this should help to smooth the prices in the longer run.

We will be constantly reviewing our hours over the next few weeks so please bear with us while we grapple with this new position we find ourselves in.

Moving forward we would ask if you could place your orders as far in advance as possible and ideally through our webshop at www.foxinn.co.uk as this will help us to organise ourselves and in turn provide a better service for you.

Our phone lines are of course always open for those who would rather call to place and order.

Again, as always, if you need anything just let us know.


Our new online shop is now fully operational at foxinn.co.uk this should make it easier for you to order from us. We will be constantly adding more products over the next few days so keep an eye on it and send us a request if there is something you want us to source.

Yesterday we started our new shop inside of the pub but today is a different day. Sensibly we made the decision to no longer allow people inside the building for shopping or collection in order to help with social distancing. We’re sure you understand. You’ll still be able to shop as normal online or over the phone and we can either deliver to you or can arrange for you to collect at the front of the pub, just knock loudly or call us on your mobile from your car.

We started down this road, like you, very abruptly with very little sense in where we were going. Having received so much support we feel we can carry on for as long as you need us.

We are looking into other services we can provide and have had a request today for something special which we hope to make publicly available, as soon as possible to you all should you require it.

(Happy) Mothers Day from all at The Fox please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need anything.



Our takeaway is now in full swing with more choice to come soon. In order to simplify things we have set up an online ordering system.

The best thing about this system is that it allows you to exactly pinpoint your house, making it quicker to find you and your food hotter on arrival!

You can find it on our facebook page, just click on SHOP NOW, there will be during today possible to use our website for ordering too on foxinn.co.uk

The groceries sections still needs some work so bear with us.

A lot of people asked for flour and toilet roll yesterday. Yes, we still have stocks but let us know if you are thinking about ordering with us so we can ensure stocks.
We had some orders for beer delivery along with food last night which was great. We've recently purchased a small canning machine so are actually able to can and drink you wish from our bar and deliver it with your meal.

(Please note that canning in this style will be for the purpose of maintaining quality for the duration of delivery only and will be intended for immediate consumption. Should you wish us to can for long term storage please advise us in advance as certain extra steps will need to be taken in order to maintain the quality of the product inside the can.)

We are also still receiving orders for MOTHER'S DAY delivery. You can still order by today on 01403 822 386. Please find the menu in our previous post.

In the end we would like to thank you all for your support and we just hope this difficult time passes as quickly as possible.

Thank you
The Fox Inn Team

We must shut our pub!!! What's gonna happen now?

Time at the bar.


We won't bore you by telling you how sad we are to be closing our doors. This is going to be hard for all of us.

It's the only sensible option in these times.

Pubs are a wonderful and very English place to meet and share

Something's shouldn't be shared.

We would like to thank you for all your support over the last few days, it's been amazing.

Moving forward we will continue to operate as a takeaway.

For those that experienced waits tonight we apologize, and are currently looking into ways to improve. Your demand and support somewhat (and very generously) caught us off guard. Sometimes it's hard to find houses at night tonight. We are always open suggestions to help us improve. If you have any feedback please let us know via info@foxinn.co.uk or pm us here.

The more often you order and the more feedback you give us the more choice we can offer enabling us to provide what you want/need. And the better we will get at providing it.

Over the next few days we will be upping and hopefully expanding our baking.

We still have access to most suppliers so can source most things should you require. Please ask if we can't get it maybe we know someone who can.

If anyone is elderly or lives next to someone who is and/or may not be reading this please email or pm us directly to see if we can help some way.

Hope this finds you well.

Tristan, Tereza and all the Fox.

This situation getting be scaaaaary...

Good Evening,

We hope this finds you well.

As we all are aware we are moving into very uncertain times for all.

Messages are confusing and sometimes scary.

We love the local community in which we are based and hope to do everything possible to make this as easy as possible for all of us.

Should you require anything please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to help, we do have stocks of loo roll...

One thing we know is that The Fox Inn will be open as per usual to welcome you for as long as we are allowed to be and are currently following all of the guidelines set out by the government in order to keep you safe.

Should you not wish to venture out to us (or any of the other great independent local hospitality businesses, The Kings Head, Firebird brewery, The Milk Churn plus any we may have missed) we hope that in some small way we can still be a benefit and valuable asset to the local community.

At The Fox we are now introducing a delivery service inside our local area in order to deliver food to your doorstep (contactless delivery available if required) to save you coming out.

You can reach us via all the normal channels.


Thank you to everyone who made use of our new delivery service within Rudgwick tonight.

If you have any ideas of things we can deliver for you please let us know.

We've had some requests already.

Fish, meat and raw vegetables can all be sourced should they be required.

When we deliver why not let us drop your post off?

Everything is about communication and we may still have access to things which are in short supply elsewhere.

We currently have a great team and we want to do our best to support not only you, but also them and our suppliers.

We will fight into the end.

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