If you choose "as soon as possible" your order will be ready tomorrow, excluding Sunday-Tuesday. Should you require any other day then please select this at the checkout. Please note orders placed after 8.30pm on FRIDAY will be ready on WEDNESDAY.  We also have an essential shop in the pub. You can just walk in (one by one) and grab what you need. (Wed-Sat 11am-8.30pm, Sun 11am-6pm, Monday-Tuesday closed).  IF YOU ARE SELF-ISOLATING and find yourself short of an essential on a day we don't normally deliver please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will always do our best to accommodate you.



Hello Everyone.

A little update from us today.

So we are now fully operational with this Sandwich Lunch thing. It is great that so many of you have been coming, we didn't expect so much interest, thank you so much. For those who don't know yet, just come in, order in our shop and then wait outside - we will bring it out. Cold sandwiches are quicker, hot ones can take a bit longer. Our decision is still not to pre-make them, as we want to make them as fresh as possible. This is what we care about the most.

So today we were working on the best sandwich in the world... again. Great for vegetarians, but so good that even the biggest meat eater will love it! There is avocado, crispy chilli & sour cream mayo as well. It is in our homemade long fermented bread which is freshly baked every day in the morning. It is perfectly balanced!

We also just got another of our favourite, WHOLE HEREFORD GRASS FED COW FROM SURREY HILLS. It was a happy cow as you can see on the colour of the meat. - see picture.Currently we have some cheaper steaks: We have RUMP STEAK, FLANK STEAK & SKIRT STEAK. Flank & Skirt are cheaper but the flavor is definitely great, definitely more than tenderness. We would recommend cooking it more rare then medium.

We are just aging the premium cuts a little bit longer so they will be coming soon. You can pre-order them in advance just email us on info@foxinn.co.uk this time as last time they were gone too quickly. Think Whole Rib, Sirloin, Fillet, Chateaubriand etc.

We also put our water bath back on so we are going to do our usual Beef Brisket (The same as we used on Sunday Roast when you were allowed to come to our pub.) which we will serve in our SANDWICHES (Once it's done) and also in our SUNDAY YORKSHIRE WRAPS too. It's lovely and tender, perfect for sandwiches.

Our Sunday Wraps went really well, well, not so well for those who waited. We made 80 yorkshire wraps, thinking that that would be plenty. NO. Big mistake they were all gone by 1.45pm. We would like to apologise to those who had to wait because we just couldn't make it quicker sorry.
So this SUNDAY we will make 160 yorkshires and we Will be ready FOR YOU. It's just hard to guess, sorry. You can always pre-order before 12pm so it will give us a better guess how busy it will be. Thank you for that. Please do not call after 12 just turn up as that when it all starts and we just do not have time to answer the phone calls.

So reminder we will have this Sunday:Beef Brisket Wrap with mustard mayo (or horseradish if you wish). Slow cooked Pork with our home made apple sauce. Roast Chicken Breast with cranberry sauce. Cauliflower Cheese in Wrap as veggie option.
All come with our home made gravy and home made chips. If you'd rather Roasties just ask, sorry for being so northern, but there is just something amazing about CHIPS and GRAVY. Mummmm.

Anyway thank you for your support.

Hopefully the gardens will be open soon so you can eat it here (Not yet) - we are just in the process of making our garden beautiful again.... and getting ready for you. So that means, sorry, you can't eat it on our premises yet but you can go to the recreational ground just two minutes walk away from us and have a picnic there.... Or maybe we can deliver it there? Just wait by Rudgwick Village hall RH12 3JN. You could place your order online and just put this address there - NO PROBLEM. What do you think? Good idea?

Thanks for sharing this as we need more people to know.
AND THANKS guys for your support.


Good afternoon everyone. Just to let you know a little shop update: As of tomorrow the shop will be open from 9am for all dry goods/drinks etc. We will have all our fresh vegetables/ bread etc ready around 12pm. We will also have sausages, chicken, bacon and different cheeses availble. For any speciality meat or requests please pre order this on our website for next day collection or delivery.

We always have a large varity of different flours for sale in our shop. Which we can weigh and bag for you in whatever size you like.

Gilchester's Organic Stoneground Flour:
Strong Bread Flour- £2.50/kg
Pizza Flour- £2.50/ kg
Semolina- £2.50/kg
Rye- £2.10/kg

Shipton Mill:
Speciality White- £1.30/kg
Self Raising- £1.40/kg
Wholemeal- £1.30/kg

*** Gluten Free Flour coming soon ***


Did you know about our BUILD YOUR OWN BBQ section? If not take a look on www.foxinn.co.uk - GROCERIES - BUILD YOUR OWN BBQ. We reckon that today is one of the best days to plan your bank holiday weekend and you have around two hours left for our next day delivery/collection (cut off is 9pm) to avoid queuing in the supermarkets. Ta


Good evening Rudgwick!

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of beer to find the courage to write something decadent, sorry, decent... Then the next day, oh wow...

BREWDOG ELVIS JUICE will give you a little bit of courage - if you want some. It is 6.5% and lovely. It even says on the bottle READY TO ROLL?! This is currently one of our favourites. You may not see it on display as it has a special place at the bottom of the shelf where we like to hide it for ourselves.

Another outstanding beer we have is PAYING THE PRICE FOR MY SMOOTH RIDE a collaboration between WYLAM & FINBACK. It is 8.8%... It is DOUBLE IPA or DIPA that means two IPAs in one - double malted barley and double hopping. It does cost £8 for 440ml can, but I truly think it is worth it. Really it will give you some sensory experiences and it is incredibly SMOOTH. Sadly you won't remember anything after two cans.

Another interesting thing we sell in our shop is a Hard Seltzer from LONDON FIELDS - it is alcoholic fizzy water at 5%. Not great if you like beer, but definitely refreshingly clean and super low calorie. Prefect for a hot summer day! (Apparently it was cool last year in America).............

The last beer we need to mention is SIPA, a Sourdough IPA, made from a mix of grain and sourdough. We don't know of anyone else making beer from sourdough. We know of people making it with Sourdough starter or making beer with bread waste but none of these three are the same thing. The best thing about SIPA is that waste sourdough goes into the beer and spent grain from brewing it into the Sourdough. Upcycling at its best! We'll have it back in stock in the next couple of weeks.

Wastage is another thing we wanted to talk about, but maybe tomorrow. It's too late, let's go to sleep. Tomorrow another interesting day is coming (after today we're wondering what equipment will break tomorrow, today it was Nonna, our dough mixer)... 

If you read this far then thanks.




Good morning Rudgwick.

ohhhh yeeees!!!!

All bread gone so we will bake more then - no problem. All John's Crumpets goooone. (he doesn't know yet but he just made himself a new full time job). All sausage rolls gone, all custard tarts gone. Next week we will start to bake more kinds of tarts, more bread and more everything.

Today another new thing - sandwich wise.

We will do:
Roast Meat (home made) Baps or (home-made) Yorkshire Wraps with pot of our home made gravy & proper potato (not frozen) Chips.

You can have:
1/ Roast BEEF & Mustard Mayo.
2/ Roast CHICKEN & Cranberry.
3/ Roast PORK & Apple Sauce.
4/ CAULIFLOWER in Charmer's CHEESE Sauce.
5/ Cheesy Chips
6/ Cheesy Chips & Bacon.

Just come down - no pre-orders.

Also lots of people asked if we have any steaks without pre-order. So from now on YES - for now we will always have some steaks ready to go. TODAY WE HAVE RUMP & SIRLOIN STEAKS.

Just a reminder shop today opens at 9am till 4pm today.
Tomorrow we're closed (but still receiving orders for other days).

Other days 9am-8pm.

Thank you guys for continuing support. Hope everyone is well if you have any issues let us know we will help, anytime.


Good morning Rudgwick.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Yesterday so many of you came and bought our sandwiches - amazing!
I just would like to quickly show you how they look (see pictures).

They are all door-step sandwiches.
So today you can get:
1/ Egg Mayo
2/ Ham, Cheese, Mustard Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato (if you don't like some of the ingredients - just say - no problem to change).
3/ Cheese & Pickle
4/ Salmon & Dill, Sourcream Mayo
5/ Classic BLT
6/ Special Surprise ...
- You can have them with chips or crisps.
- We can also make take away coffees.
- We can also can coke & lemonade to order for you to take away - 330ml.

The menu is coming up at 11.30 and sandwiches are available from 12pm. Just come in - no pre-orders are required.

Also, while I am posting we have a new item in today - home made CRUMPETS made by John (our regular). Isn't the support just amazing!?

Thank you everyone again for your support.
The Fox Inn


Good afternoon.

We are having such an amazing day. More and more people are coming into our shop each day. We made the decision to do little reports every day so you can see what we have in stock as we don't want you to come down and find that we don't have something you need. So just watch us every day between 11 & 12pm so you see what is happening. Every day is proving to be very different.
1/ Sandwiches with crisps or chips.
2/ Big Breads.
3/ Lots of different types of flour.
4/ Freshly cut cheese & ham fridge.
5/ Raw Meat fridge - bacon, sausages & chicken.
6/ Cleaning department coming tomorrow. ????

So what do you think? Let us know what is missing.


Hello everyone. Little update from us at the Fox Inn Pub.

Such great weather that's been unbelievable. Normally, our garden would be heaving, we would make you refreshing drinks & good tasty food and we would be having lots of fun. Life would be amazing!
Lot of people still don't know about us and what we are doing these days. We felt that we can't just do nothing so we made a walk-in-shop inside our pub.
We are adding more essential items to our stock on a daily basis based on what you, our customers, have been asking for.
Today you haven't asked for this but we think that you need it: Aperol Spritzer Kit. . It is ready to go, all you need are some glasses. It costs £27.75 and you will get sparkling wine, a bottle of Aperol, Sparkling Water, Orange, Ice, Straws & Our Recipe.
Cheers Guys, love you all.


We've added some new items on our takeaway menu.

From our Hereford cow:
Beef shin and Tarragon Pie, mash and gravy- £13.

Cherry Wood Smoked Beef Short Rib, chips and pickles- £13.

Grilled Halloumi Burger, smashed avocado, lemon, sweet chilli sauce, lettuce, tomato and coriander- £12.50


WE HAVE LABELS for our own FOX INN BEER!!! So now we can finally sell it. Its called SIPA ‘S’ because it’s made from our sourdough bread waste. And, in turn, our bread is made with spent grain leftover after mashing for our beer. This is one of our main targets: USE EVERYTHING no wastage.


Hello everyone!

The weather is great, so perfect for a barbeque and so we've made a new section in our shop.


Have a look at www.foxinn.co.uk - GROCERIES - (vegetarians are catered for too).

On Wednesday we are going to open to the public, you can just walk in and grab whatever we have available. We call it FO-OP. That said, please can you let us know if you are
planning on coming? - just reply to this post or give us call on Tuesday so we can be ready.

The last three weeks have been crazy, we didn't expected to be so busy.

So REMEMBER - a new WALK-IN shop in RUDWICK is opening on WEDNESDAY 1pm-8pm. We will keep a stock of fresh vegetables, dairy & bread etc. Items like fish & meat will still need to be pre-ordered the day before online as we try not to hold extra stock.

We promise to strive to get the best quality products available at the time.

Thank you for all your support.



Good morning. So our Aged Hereford cow is online to buy. All the ribeye steaks have gone but we still have: 8oz Fillet steaks (selling by pc), 8oz Sirloin steak (selling by pc), and 24oz Chateaubriand (enough for 3ppl) for now. You can buy online www.foxinn.co.uk - order online - section Meat & Fish. It’s described as “Hereford Cow”. All steaks cut to order.


Good morning Rudgwick!

We are baking our last batch of Hot Cross Buns today for the year.

If you are thinking about an afternoon treat just pop and collect anytime this afternoon.

*ALSO* we will be closed on Mondays, for collection and delivery but we will be still accepting orders for Tuesday.

Before this all started we bought a whole Hereford locally which we were planning to work through in the pub. Most of it now has been processed into burgers which have amazing deep flavour and they can be served pink as they have been commercially sterilised.

*NB* If you wish to cook it pink you *MUST* treat and store it like an already cooked product. IE not with raw meat.

This brings us to the steaks!

They are currently aged about one month and they are incredible. We will start to sell them online and they will also be part of our house BBQ packs.

We are working on a good selection of wine to go with it.

If beer is your thing please look what we offer as our range is constantly expanding and evolving. Minipins can be sourced as well should you be interested, call us.

Happy Easter ????!



Now available to pre order online www.foxinn.co.uk for the Easter Weekend.

Available for delivery or collection 9am-noon: Good Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Easter Sunday 12th, Easter Monday 13th April.

* Please order by 9pm the day before for next day delivery.

**** Bucks Fizz Easter Brunch Box: £39 ****

1 x bottle Lunetta Prosecco, 1 x carton orange juice, 4 x The Fox Inn homemade hot cross buns, 9 x eggs, 200g bacon, 6 x sausages, 1 x The Fox Inn long ferment homemade bread 800g, 1 x 500g porridge, 4 x bananas, 1 x tub natural yogurt, mini Easter eggs.

***** Easter Brunch Box: £25 *****

4 x The Fox Inn homemade hot cross buns, 9 x eggs, 200g bacon, 6 x sausages, 1 x The Fox Inn long ferment homemade bread 800g, 1 x 500g porridge, 4 x bananas, 1 x tub natural yogurt, mini Easter eggs.

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